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SecondStory adverse event management software and consultation services provide you and your clients with the practical tools for manually or electronically submitting, reviewing and analyzing safety reports in a cost effective manner.

SecondStory software is clean, simple and easy to use from anywhere with Web access. Clinicians can complete mandatory or voluntary reports within 3-4 minutes. Reports can be saved in draft status pending completion at a later time in case of interruptions.

SecondStory's secure and confidential data-sharing capabilities enable investigators, reviewers and consultants to simultaneously view incident reports in "real time", decreasing the lag time and costs needed to finalize investigations.

SecondStory Health's consultants work with practitioners and organizations following sentinel events to develop improvement actions that are effective, evidence-based and in the best interests of the public.

SecondStory software reduces the cost of collecting, investigating, analyzing and retrieving incident and complaint reports. Incidents and complaints are electronically captured and managed in a paperless environment.

SecondStory software supports an unlimited number of reporting sites and is geographically scalable in size to meet the needs of any regulatory organization.