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SecondStory software and services are ideal for organizations responsible for the continuous review of patient care, enhancing the quality of health care and reducing medication errors.

Convenient, fast and easy to use reporting screens can be accessed without exiting from your business workflow software. SecondStory software assures that your unedited reports are immediately available to safety officers and quality assurance experts with the analysis and focus on systems problems - not on individual performance concerns.

SecondStory's electronic paperless workflow is a key enabler of successful "online communities" of physician, nurses, pharmacists, risk managers and other peer reviewers.

SecondStory's multiple layers of security assure the safe and confidential flow of sensitive peer review data and protected health information, consistent with current standards and regulations.

SecondStory Health's clinical and management consulting services link you to a full range of advisory, analytical and database management resources, customized to meet the intensity of your needs.

SecondStory's web-based technology uses existing computer resources without additional hardware costs or geographical limitations.