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Free-standing hospitals, integrated healthcare systems, provider networks, pharmacies and clinics each have unique factors that affect their delivery of high quality and safe healthcare. SecondStory Health delivers its promise of reduced risks, improved safety, and reduced costs by developing a RATIONAL RESPONSE to each organization's unique needs.

Fast, convenient, simple de-identified reporting whenever and wherever you are ready to tell your story. No forms to search for. No unnecessary data to submit. SecondStory captures your intervention, concern, suspicion or alert in your own words.

Using a customer-focused strategy, SecondStory allows clients to identify, document and improve the safety of their healthcare systems. SecondStory identifies potential and real risks and then shifts the focus to improvement actions durable solutions.

Our clinical and management consulting services link you to a full range of advisory, analytical and database management services, customized to meet the intensity of your needs.

SecondStory reporting, analysis, and peer review software can reduce the incremental costs of errors and improves patient safety and satisfaction. SecondStory software and strategies provide the daily tools that you need to build accountability into your organization. creating a learning and just culture.

SecondStory is based on J2EE Java servlet technology which scales from simple and small to the largest transactional web-based systems available. There are no installation requirements for individual PC's.