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An overwhelming number of health systems lack the practical tools needed to effectively achieve patient safety goals. SecondStory Health helps identify, report and manage adverse event information as it moves through an organization. SecondStory software is based on strategies promoted by the Institute of Medicine.

SecondStory enables clinician-friendly web-based AE reporting in as few as 2 mouse clicks from any web-based computer. The typical report takes less than 4 minutes to complete and submit. Reports are "de-identified" as they electronically move through the system.
SecondStory Health LLC provides step-by-step programs to help pharmacies achieve and maintain QA compliance with state and federal laws. In addition, we offer independent reviews that evaluate the quality of pharmacy services, and make recommendations to improve quality and risk.
SecondStory Health, LLC consults with Executives and Safety Officers to Evaluate the Organizations Strategic Commitment to Safety, Execution of the Safety Plan and Communications to Boards, Medical Staff, Employees and the Public.
Consulting services are designed to assist Safety Officers, Risk Managers, Department Heads, Safety Teams, Statisticians and others responsible for the nuts and bolts analysis and management of event and safety data.
SecondStory Health provides general and customized safety training programs for Staff, Managers, and Executives.
SecondStory Health, LLC is partnered with Topsail Technologies, Inc to provide expert IT design and programming resources. We can help you solve the vexing IT problems that plague most healthcare systems.