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  • April 9, 2007 - SecondStory Health and NASPA (National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations) join forces in new national alliance to market affordable, clinician friendly and effective adverse event software to healthcare organizations in the United States.
  • March 20, 2007 - SecondStory Health raised awareness of the risk of medication errors during clinical trials at a seminar for clinical researchers held in Charleston, SC. The "new science of safety", ethical, scientific and regulatory aspects were discussed.
  • February 1, 2006 - SecondStory Health is pleased to announce their move to new offices, situated in the heart of downtown Carrboro, NC. This former mill town, neighbor to Chapel Hill and in the heart of the Research Triangle, is known for its well-managed growth and its economic base of small businesses as well as its commitment to citizen input and cultural diversity.
  • January 1, 2006 - Medicare Part D add quality assurance and medication error reduction goals for community pharmacies.  While Medicare Part D is well known for its prescription coverage for seniors, less well known are the important new requirements to reduce adverse drug reactions, prevent drug interactions and reduce medication errors.
  • December 23, 2005 – SecondStory Health launches “Pharmacy Quality Assurance Program and Learning System” for community pharmacies. Subscribe and use this system to comply with state and federal quality assurance requirements, including Medicare Part D.
  • September 1, 2005 - SecondStory Health announces Alliance with the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists.
  • August 24, 2005 - Pharmacy Quality Assurance Act approved by the NC General Assembly. Effective January 1, 2006, pharmacies will be required to conduct quality assurance programs that enhance the quality of health care and reduce medication errors.

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