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SecondStory Health provides your organization with a RATIONAL RESPONSE to the problem of Adverse Event Reporting and Management.

Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

We design and deliver effective software and strategies to discover the hidden but very real causes and costs of healthcare-related adverse events (medication errors, adverse drug reactions, medical errors) and make the needed improvements. Using a customer-focused strategy, SecondStory allows clients to continuously identify, document and improve the safety of healthcare systems. Our clinical and management consulting services link you to a full range of advisory, analytical and database management services, customized to meet the intensity of your needs.

Community Pharmacies
In a new partnership as of 2010, our PQA-PaLS™ (Pharmacy Quality Assurance-Program and Learning System) tool kit for community pharmacy is now being integrated into Pharmacy Quality Commitment program materials offered by the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety, a federally listed Patient Safety Organization.

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Alerts and Actions

* September 26-29, 2010 - SecondStory Health collaborates with Farmoterapica to promote safety and quality at 3rd Annual Farmoterapica Forum in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre, Brazil  Call or write for details.
* September 23-24, 2010 - SecondStory Health to participate in 3rd Annual ISMP-Brasil international medication safety forum. Focus:  Pharmaceutical Care meets Patient Safety:  A practice model to reduce patient harm.  Call or write for details.
* August 2010 - Improving community pharmacy quality assurance programs and promoting the value of Patient Safety Organizations.  NCAP-Mutual Wholesale Drug Convention, Myrtle Beach, SC August 7-8, 2010